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Chitrapournami 2024 Discussion with PDRM

A productive/proactive discussion from the recent formal meeting held today with the authorities regarding Chitrapournami 2024 celebration which is just around the corner.
The meeting was held at IPD Timur Laut, Jalan Patani at 11am, attended by PHEB Vice Chairman YB Dr Lingesh RA and Sri Balathandayuthabani Waterfall Temple Chairman, Mr L. Naresh with PDRM representatives, DSP DONNY ANAK JOHN JUBANG, Ketua Bahagian Siasatan dan Penguatkuasaan Trafik, Daerah Timur Laut and few other Ketua Jabatans’.
The main agenda of the meeting was to ensure the safe and orderly celebration of Chitrapournami 2024. Traffic control, devotees safety and comfort, SOPs’ observed and maintained by every parties involved including the public especially the devotees, temple management, panthal operators and authorities in this instance, PDRM are some of the important agendas which was brought up in this meeting.
The meeting was concluded after reaching agreeable terms and SOPs’ which are to be adhered by parties concerned.
Panthal operators will be updated on the points of discussion in the upcoming meeting.
Thank you.
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