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Queen Street Temple Visit in conjunction with International Museum Day 2024

YB Senator Saraswathy Kandasamy, the Hon’ble Deputy Minister for Entrepreneur Development and Co-operatives, returned to her hometown of Penang to celebrate International Museum Day 2024! 🎉
Born and raised in Little India, Penang, YB Saraswathy had the honor of launching the Program Muzium Bersama Komuniti (Museum Program with the Community). During the event, she extended her support to the local community by providing Rahmah aid to five Indian single mothers from the B40 group.
Following the event, YB Saraswathy visited the Queen Street Maha Mariamman Temple, managed by the Penang Hindu Endowments Board, to pay her respects and engage with the local community.
We’re proud to see our leaders actively contributing to and supporting our communities!
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